HP Scanjet G2710 w/ Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

Today, I bought a new scanner – of course without checking linux compatibility : |
HP – a well known brand. Description says “Works with Max OS X, Win Vista, XP, 2000”. Linux wasn’t mentioned, but that’s quite common.

The default xsane backend package (<- v.1.0.19 [delivered with Ubuntu Hardy]) didn’t find a device, so I tried installing the beta release of the hp3900 sane backends (drivers).
This version is still beta status, but got my new scanner up and running : )

HP Scanjet G2710

Get the latest drivers from the sourceforge project:

Unpack the files and change into new directory:
tar xfz hp3900-series_0.12.tar.gz
cd hp3900-series_0.12/

Install drivers:
sudo ./INSTALL.sh
application: 2 – SANE Backend
distro: 3 – Ubuntu

Add your username to the scanner group:
sudo adduser your-user-name scanner

Start XSane : )

PS: Fastest and best results with 200 or 300 dpi

Update June 22th, 2008:
I forgot to mention that it only works with resolutions equal and less than 600dpi

16 thoughts on “HP Scanjet G2710 w/ Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)”

  1. Hi Tom!
    Thank you for the blog. Works perfect. I just needed to do a restart after installation – that XSane got my name in the scanner group.

  2. Worked well with Kubuntu 8.10. I had to migrate to Ubuntu 8.10 and it does not work anymore. I also tested version 8.04.1 without success. Any idea?

  3. Hello Tom!
    Iโ€™m from Brazil. Your tip really helped me.
    Now, my scanner works in Ubuntu 8.10. Fantastic!!
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Tom

    I’m from Argentina. I use Opensuse 11.1 gnome 32bits, but my scanner HP SCANJET G2710 doesn’t work. So I actually use Ubuntu 8.10 and my Scanner HP G2710 works. Thanks for your tips.
    Greetings, Enrique
    Pd. I’d like to use my scanner also with Opensuse 11.1 gnome

  5. Hola tom! (hi)
    thanks for the howto, it worked like a charm!
    greetings from Argentina! (it looks like this particular scanner model is more popular in South America than in Europe.

  6. hi

    I have followed your instructions, but I have problems to start the scan-programm. I get “hp3900:libusb:002:009”. Many thanks for you help.

  7. I installed successfully the scanner in Ubuntu 10.04 and it worked.
    Now I upgraded Ubuntu to 12.04 LTS and the scanner isn’t working anymore. I tried to repeat all the process of installation and there are no problem, but when I try to scan, in Sane there’s the message: “Unknown RTS8822 chipset based”.
    The result for scanimage -L is:
    “device ‘hp3900:libusb:001:008’ is a Unknown RTS8822 chipset based flatbed scanner”

    help, please!

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