First tryout of Astaro Firewall v.7.000

Yes, I know. It’s my own fault to use the first release of a software in a productive enviroment. But I just couldn’t wait.

Whatever, here are my first impressions:

  • Installation went smooth, but I had to disconnect my second cd-rom-drive before I was able to finally finish the installation.
  • The drag-and-drop gui is an nice idea, but I had some problems finding a browser to use it reasonable way.
  • I had disconnects of almost every protocoll (ssh, rdp, ica) sporadically. Especially the VPN to my company was disturbed every 5 minutes so that I had to reconnect and reconnect ..
    -> Solution was quite simple: I had to disable the IPS-system because a lot of packets were dropped wrongly. You also have to pay attention to the Peer2Peer and Instant-Messaging settings, because if any of these is active, IntrusionProtecion is activated automatically and might drop your packets ..

PS: Astaro Security Gateway can be used free for use at home.