More OpenSource virtualization

I just found Proxmox Virtual Environment (v1.1) which is kind of combination between VMware and OpenVZ.
There is the possibility to run Virtual “chrooted” Appliances and “real” Virtual Machines.
That means, you have your Linux boxes (OpenVZ style) and Windows machines (KVM virtualization).
-> (Almost) NO overhead, when running linux clients (because of chrooted environment)
-> Possibility to run Windows machines, etc., too

– Out-of-the-box installation (insert CD, [Enter], [Enter], ready)
– Web based management
Cluster functionality
– Live migration
– Install clients from ISO files (full virtualization)
– Run (OpenVZ) templates (container virtualization)
– Backup / Restore (via LVM snapshots)
– Testing Proxmox VE in VMware
– ….

I think it’s worth to have a look at …

Note: 64bit CPU required; for full (KVM) virtualization, you need Intel VT / AMD-V support.

Online Whiteboard

At ScRiBLink you’ll find a free, powerful whiteboard where you and your colleagues can work on your ideas together.
No registration is required : )
Additional features like
– picture upload
– chat
– math functions
– multiple users
– ….
give you a good base to start sharing concepts online, etc..
Note: Maybe it’s not working behind corporate firewalls because it uses additional tcp ports.
Online Whiteboard
If you know about alternatives, please comment.