exim / filtering spam

A graph to show you how many UCE-Mails are filtered per week.
This is a statistic from one of my company’s mailservers.
From about 3000 mails per hour -> more than 90% of all traffic is spam, UCE or virus-infected mail!

weekly mail statistic

wrong-syntax: Somebody tried to fake a mail-programm
too-many-conn.: Anybody tried to send a mass-mail
faked-sender: Tried to spoof sender
virus: recognized virus (which was not blocked by other filters)
spam: recognized spam (which was not blocked by other filters)
known-dialup: known dialup notwork; normally no mail from here
dynamic ip: dialup network or forgot to set proper dns-reverse entry
no-reverse-dns: still allowed, but reverse dns should be set
greylisted: mail is rejected first time; after that it should be ok
rbl: dns blacklists
clean mail: passed through and should be ok