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X Applications over SSH Tunnel

To use graphical applications over a SSH tunnel, xauth has to be installed on the server machine. This program is found in the xorg-x11 package (when using openSuSE).

After establishing the SSH tunnel using
ssh -X user@host.tld
you can start any X application (i.e. from the bash…).

exim / remove (all) frozen messages from queue

Just a quick & dirty hack to delete frozen messages for a single / some recipient(s)…

# what are we searching for?
# (part of the email-address)
# exim-bin
EXIM=`which exim`
# execute (frozen messages only)..
$EXIM -Mrm $(mailq | grep $SEARCH -B1 | grep frozen |cut -c 11-27)

Thanks to Mark -> this can be done a lot of easier if you want to kill all frozen messages:

exiqgrep -z -i | xargs exim -Mrm

If you want to do this only for some domains / email-addresses, use the first example.